Month: September 2015


Coco Chia Pudding With Berry Nanaicecream

Hello hello my friends how are you all doing? Well I am glad this work week is coming to an end. As you all know we moved into our new house and like all new home owners hubby and I have been planning and re-planning all our renovation projects. I love working on that stuff and so look forward to the weekends for that. Anyhow with a busy weekend and a busier week coming up I wanted to share a simple breakfast recipe with you so you don’t forget to eat healthy while still being busy. This is a breakfast item that you can plan for your next week or simply make it a mid day snack for all the busy days when you need some extra energy. This week we bring to you Coco Chia Pudding with Berry Nanaicecream! My mouth is already watering writing this post and I hope I have tempted you enough. So without further ado, lets dive into the recipe – For the cocoa chia pudding: 1 cup almond milk …

Sneak Peak

New Beginnings

Happy Thursday friends! To all those celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi today, hope you all enjoyed the festivities and the yummy food :). Hubby & I had a busy yet a very exciting week. We moved into our new house this past weekend!! We spent the whole summer looking at many many houses and at-last found one that hub, me and gizmo loved. Though I should confess that I did not get my dream kitchen, it met most of our criteria..and well gotta compromise somewhere right! However, I am super happy about all the extra space so I can store my props and boards for future photo-shoots. So here’s a glimpse of utter chaos at our rental place before we left…. Oh man I’m so looking forward to collecting more footwear; now that my ban on buying footwear has been rescinded by hubs as there is lot more storage space ūüôā With the new move I have some great plans for the blog and will keep you posted as and when I am ready. Meanwhile, we have …

Bandit Queen_Featured

Bandit Queen – A Ramen Noodle Bar

Thursday it is! How are you all doing? ¬†This week we are going to do something different. Instead of sharing one of our recipes I am¬†going introduce you to a food joint I absolutely loved. This place is called ‘Bandit Queen’ and is located in the heart of Grand Rapids on South Division Avenue. This place is unique in the food it offers… primarily¬†a¬†Ramen noodle place that serves Asian dishes too. It is a first of its kind in the south west Michigan area. I had a chance to interview the owner and chef of Bandit Queen and learnt more about what motivated him to open this place. Chef Les Fleming, has been in the world of food making for 7 years and he worked as an executive chef at Rockwell Republic¬†before he decided to open Bandit Queen. Chef Fleming eloquently talked about his experiences previously that motivated him to opening his own place and serve healthy, economical and quick meals to his customers. He said, a lot of his learning comes from his experience …