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Doro Wat – Spicy Ethiopian Chicken Curry

Happy Thursday friends! Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and all the nature’s beauty around. My husband and I love our evening walks with Gizmo (our little pup) breathing in all the freshness the season has to offer. Well, this week my hubby dear was craving some Ethiopian food and so this week’s recipe is a dish from Ethiopia called Doro Wat. Ethiopian cuisine is something we enjoy at home and outside too. The flavors and spices are very close to Indian and that makes it more enjoyable for us. India and Ethiopia have had long connections going back many many years with Indians moving to Ethiopia to do technical work and spice trade. Incidentally, bollywood movies seem to be very famous in there….So don’t be surprised if you are greeted by a namaste next time you are there. The recipe below is basically a curry served on the side of a savory pancake. Something similar to a dosa except it is baked. We frequent (Ethiopian restaurant) regularly and I got my spice mix …