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Dahi Vada – Savory Donuts in Yogurt Sauce

Aaaaand we’re back! Happy Thursday my friends and Umami Kitchen wishes everyone a very Happy Dussera! As usual the best thing about celebrating festivals is the yummy food that is made. And talking about yummy food, today we have for you the delicious Dahi Vada – Savory donuts in Yogurt sauce. It is crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and the yogurt sauce just makes you go ummmmmmm! Whenever inlaws comes over or we go visit them she makes these for me… and this time when she was here visiting us for couple of weeks. I decided to  learn and perfect the dish so I could share it with you all. So those of you who are wondering what special to make for this festival, you already have a recipe ready for you.  For many of you this may be a completely unheard dish, so here is a little snippet about what it is. Dahi vada is a popular dish across India. It is basically white lentil (urad dal) along with salt and green chilies …

Carrot Sweet Potato Red Lentil Soup_featured

Carrot, Sweet potato & Red Lentil Soup

This one is my favorite 🙂 I have always enjoyed trying new food, new restaurants and getting inspired to develop my own little recipes. Soups definitely rank high on my list of things to do. They are healthy, very filling and fun to make. I tasted a lentil soup a while ago at Zeytins in Grand Rapids and so began my tryst with developing and making soups. This soup is an amalgamation of my own ideas and some inspiration from tasting and viewing a few really cool soups. Talking about this soup… Sweet potatoes and carrots go very well together. The sweetness of the tubers go very well with the texture and taste of carrots. They are both are very nutritious vegetables, rich in Vitamin A. Since they both are orange colored vegetables they are rich in beta-carotene which is a very nutrient in fighting many health ailments. Chickpeas and red lentils bring a new dimension to the taste and i think its a healthy way of adding some protein to the mix. This soup …


Hyderabadi Haleem

Haleem is a very popular dish from my home town Hyderabad in India. This particular dish prepared in Hyderabad during the Ramadan month, is transported all over the world through a special courier service. It is traditionally cooked in large, wood-fired cauldrons. After a whole day’s fasting, the Muslim community usually retire with this powerhouse of a dish that satisfies a whole day’s nutrient requirements. Haleem is a dish that is enjoyed not only in India but in middle east too. The origins of this recipe date back to 10th century and it has evolved greatly to suit the palate of each country. This recipe traditionally takes about 6-8 hours to cook but today we will try to whip this up in less than 3 hours. This is a dish that is worth the time and effort spent on it. It brings together a whole bunch of nutrient rich ingredients including lentils, meats and nuts. Go ahead and try this dish and trust me you will make it again and again. Recipe is adapted based on Journey …