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Blueberry couscous salad with Italian sausage

And we are back again. Happy Thursday folks, how is your week coming along? Anything exciting planned for this weekend? Well this week we bring to you an easy but sumptuous salad you can make a part of your meal. You can have this for lunch or dinner or even for a healthy snack. All it takes is 15 mins to get this going. Also what better way to get those yummy blueberries in your meal before the season ends eh? This salad is pretty versatile and so you can easily make it vegetarian by replacing the sausage with vegetarian sausages or add greens to it. There are plenty of veggie sausages available in the market, try them out if you haven’t before. I know this picture is tempting you to taste it..and I wont hold you back, here comes the ingredients and the recipe. Enjoy! Blueberry Couscous Salad 1 cup dried Israeli couscous 1 1/4 cups water ¼ cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese (optional) salt and fresh cracked pepper 3 tablespoons olive oil juice …

Avacado Nanaicecream_Featured

Avocado Nanaicecream

Happy Thursday friends! How are you all doing? This week has been quite warm for us and it is a delight to see all the plants and trees soak up the light and grow with it. While on the topic of being warm, what would compliment this weather better than some cold ice cream. What say? Presenting to you, our avocado and nanaicecream! This is a blend of my two favorite and power packed ingredients, avocado and banana. Both of them are so rich in potassium and many other nutrients. This recipe is a great way to include these two superfoods in your regular diet. You can also add more fruits as toppings depending on your choice. For this, I added a bunch of berries including blueberries, cherries and goji berries. I went cherry picking recently and I had a great lot of fresh and juicy cherries at home so I was all the more motivated to add them to this recipe. Well without further ado, go ahead and checkout our recipe and let us …

Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad-4

Strawberry Salad with Poppy-seed dressing

Happy Friday dear friends! How has your week been? I have had a great time the past two weeks traveling and doing fun activities with my parents. One of the activities we did was to go strawberry picking! Strawberry picking at Delange’s Redberry farm is a great way to engage with ur local community, gain access to fresh strawberries that are sweet, juicy and amazing. Great way for family to hang out together perfect weekend activity. [/caption]Here are some of the pictures from our picking … mom & dad thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Fruit picking is not a common activity in India and this was a completely new experience for them. Well, end of the day we had a ton of strawberries at home and it was time to whip up something using these juicy fruits. Strawberry being a versatile fruit can be added to so many dishes and it doesn’t have to be desserts only. Here’s a salad that I made using these strawberries. Inspired by Panera bread’s  premium signature summer salad. I just love salads …