About Me

About me

Hi! I am Sindhura, and welcome to Umami Kitchen!

I am your next door neighbor kinda girl who loves to try different cuisines, experiment with new recipes and photograph the beauty.

My passion for developing food recipes began when I moved to the US from India four years ago with my husband. As a new bride, I had no idea how to make a meal for two…and then began my journey of learning and tasting cuisines that I had never come across before. My recipes are an amalgamation of my food experiences with a touch of taste from India.. my homeland.

As a child, like almost everyone, I grew up watching my mom cook delicious meals for us with lots of love of course but also with a lot of skill and taste for flavor. She also made sure we ate healthy and that is where I draw my inspiration from. I believe in the mantra of ‘Eat healthy not less’ while making the dish flavorful and appetizing. I follow this mantra in my personal life too and you will see this theme string through in many of my recipes here.

While experimenting and developing my recipes I also stumbled upon a new interest of food photography. I would appreciate and love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on my portfolio as I intend to develop and hone this new skill too!

Currently, I live in Grand rapids and love the friendly embrace of mid-west. Apart from this food blog, I love to take care of my dog gizmo, engage with other food bloggers,  cycle through the town (when it’s not snowing of course). You can see some of my pictures at photography through travels.

Go check out my first post!

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