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Art Prize – My top 3 favorites


Happy Thursday my friends! How are you all doing? Are you eagerly waiting for the Art Prize results too? These past couple of weeks, hubby and I have been enjoying the varied art pieces displayed all over Grand Rapids. In my opinion, Art Prize is the most awaited event after summer seizes to be your muse. Not only people who live in and around GR but also people from nearby cities come to see the extravagant display of art.

Artprize, is a radical and open art exhibition spread over 3 square miles in GR over 19 days. It is an NGO investing in promoting art and artists. Two $200,000 grand prizes and eight category awards are awarded at the end. More than $500,000 is awarded in total. The final decision is half decided by public vote, and half decided by a jury of art experts. This year there were about 1550 art entries in total and exhibited at 162 centers. The final voting ended last night and like many of you art lovers I can’t wait to know how has won it big this time. However, before the final winners are decided, I have already made my top 3 choices and you can see them below –

My first pick is the charcoal art by Judith Braun. Her paintings are mostly finger paintings using charcoal. It was totally mindblowing to see how fine her artwork is and how sophisticated finger painting could be . This picture doesn’t do justice to the piece, she has some amazing paintings that you must checkout. Here is a link to her website if you are interested to explore –


On her website she says ‘There’s a strong correlation between my body, the carbon medium, and the images. I use symmetries on all scales, reflecting my body, as well as the ubiquity of symmetry throughout nature, sometimes drawing with both hands simultaneously in symmetrical gestures. For me the fingerprint is a means of primal expression, because I’m drawing on the wall, and it represents both our uniqueness as individuals, as well as our commonality.’

Also checkout a video of her art at


My second pick this season is this adorable set of acrylic paintings of Siberian tigers on canvas by Anni Crouter. These paintings look so close to reality and I loved how expressive the eyes were painted. It almost felt like the tigers were saying something. Everything in the painting looks just perfect. The artists has named this series of paintings ‘Triple Play’. Checkout more about the artist and the paintings at



My last and final pick is called the Balancing Act. This is by artist Calvin Babich and is displayed in the Gerard R Ford museum. This one is an interesting piece of art as it creates an illusion of stacks of rocks being balanced by tiny fountains of water. The stacks of rocks besides being held up by geysers of water, are fountains themselves with water coming out of the top stones. There is lots of water action and sound with this installation.  Something about rocks and water together makes it so soothing that I really fell in love with this creative work. Checkout more about this piece at





While there was plenty of art to enjoy and soak up, there were also some cool Street Performers in action entertaining everyone.

IMG_2012  IMG_2030

Other notable art installations


IMG_2033   IMG_2052

All in all, Artprize never seizes to surprise and impress me at the same time. Hope you all find time to checkout these fabulous pieces or art!

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