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New Beginnings

Sneak Peak

Happy Thursday friends! To all those celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi today, hope you all enjoyed the festivities and the yummy food :). Hubby & I had a busy yet a very exciting week. We moved into our new house this past weekend!! We spent the whole summer looking at many many houses and at-last found one that hub, me and gizmo loved.

Though I should confess that I did not get my dream kitchen, it met most of our criteria..and well gotta compromise somewhere right! However, I am super happy about all the extra space so I can store my props and boards for future photo-shoots.


So here’s a glimpse of utter chaos at our rental place before we left…. Oh man I’m so looking forward to collecting more footwear; now that my ban on buying footwear has been rescinded by hubs as there is lot more storage space 🙂

With the new move I have some great plans for the blog and will keep you posted as and when I am ready. Meanwhile, we have another news to share as well. Sowmya, the woman behind the words in this blog is expecting a baby very soon! So we will soon be having a new very young member of Umami Kitchen!


Be tuned to a whole new set of recipes with some new photography! See y’all and have a good rest of the week 🙂

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